TERRABLISS is a diversified hemp company and premier brand operated in North California and Colombia, focused on producing high-quality, accessible, sustainable and thoroughly reviewed hemp-derived products with the objective of help to improve the everyday wellness for a wide variety of lifestyles.

Founded by two families with the mission of changing the stigma associated with cannabis, building trust on hemp products in middle of a confusing industry and creating awareness over all the benefits that hemp-derived CBD and other cannabinoids can offer. 

TERRABLISS represents the joy, delight and happiness of the soil and for this motive we take the key element that represents happiness: THE SUN, as the protagonist in our farming process. 

Our commitment is to build a multi-generational legacy that creates a positive impact on our community and environment. We apply ancestral cultivation methods in our farms and improve it with biodynamic techniques that can reduce the negative footprint of the farming industry.

To improve the everyday wellness, comfort, and life satisfaction of many people.

Create environmentally sustainable, high quality, thoroughly reviewed Hemp-derived products for a wide variety of lifestyles.



  • We are authentic and ethical in our interactions.

  • We treat people and communities with respect independent of any argument we have with them.


  • We focus on long-term decisions, instead of short term decisions that can resonate with a multi-generational legacy.

  • We make choices that are good for our brand and reputation.


  • We choose products that may provide the greatest happiness to our customers.   

  • We take action to build trust in the validity of our product whenever possible.

  • We spread trust to our product whenever possible.

  • We are dedicated to providing great customer service.  


  • We reveal our methods, mentality, and other information openly and proactively.

  • We admit mistakes openly and freely.


  • We choose methods that do the most good for our environment.


  • We support our family and treat our treasured customers like family. 

  • We develop products for people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

  • We make choices that improve communities as well as individuals.